MyEnglishTutor™ (MET App) makes learning essential ENGLISH GRAMMAR fun and effective, paving the best route to better English mastery, for everyone, especially young minds.



English Grammar is the foundation of the English language and perhaps the most challenging to learn and teach.

The hope always is that the young minds we care for will happily learn and master English Grammar on their own and enjoy practising fluent English Grammar in their reading, writing and speaking every day.

Having young minds do so willingly and enthusiastically is quite a challenge even for the best of parents and teachers.

MET App makes learning English Grammar fun and engaging for young minds to learn and practise daily, addressing the concerns of many parents and teachers.


MET App empowers your child with over 100 preschool lessons and 250 English Grammar lessons in both British and American English i.e. a total of 700 lessons.

MET App engages the best in them with 5000+ quizzes and brings out their natural competitive spirit with a global leader board of scores.

It further encourages the practice of English Grammar mastery with daily, weekly and monthly challenges.

These and more makes learning and mastering English Grammar seamlessly and rapidly possible for everyone, anytime and anywhere.

For less than the cost of a cup of tea or coffee a day, the young mind you love and care so much for can now painlessly master English Grammar. Download MET App for free today and view the free lessons within.

To unleash the full potential of all MET App lessons, purchase a Redemption Code to a 1 year FULL subscription to all lessons, quizzes, challenges and gamification benefits for your beloved child.

Better English for Everyone is just a redemption code and a click away.


mLearning & eLearning

The English language has been the effective lingua franca for centuries. It is used as a common global language to this day, the official language in 39 countries and a co-official language in 34 countries across the globe.

Combining the best practices in Mobile Learning (mLearning) and eLearning, MyEnglishTutor™ supports quality education by providing an affordable and accessible APP to ensure equitable and inclusive quality education for young minds around the world.

Advantages of Online Learning and mLearning

Stay Ahead

Enables young minds to learn supplementary knowledge and stay ahead of any school’s curriculum as English Grammar mastery empowers universally.

Self-Paced Learning

Young minds can learn, practise and revisit lessons in their own time. The fun and engaging elements of MET App can help parents (and teachers) easily encourage learners to want to achieve more every day.

Always Updated

Active subscribers to MET App will always have access to new lessons and materials as they are made available.

Resource Efficiency

Young minds can access lessons via a mobile or a computer. No additional expense for additional equipment is necessary.


Whether it is 5 minutes or 10 or 30 minutes, every interaction with MET App is a learning gain for a young mind, anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

Bite-sized learning

Engaging rich media lessons and mobile accessibility encourages effective learning outcomes making MET App ideal for young minds. Bite-sized learning is engaging and enhances a sense of achievement.


The use of game elements boosts engagement and makes learning and mastering English Grammar motivating and fun!


MyEnglishTutor™ is a fully featured on-demand English video tutoring web and mobile
APP. It is focussed on supporting English grammar education of every curricula. As long as there is an internet connection or access to mobile data, better English for Everyone, especially young minds, is now just a click away.

MET App’s collection of 700 lessons, in both American and British English, has been built using interesting graphic animation with professional voice-overs. 5000+ quizzes are included to make learning both fun and easy to understand. Daily, weekly and monthly challenges plus a global leader board for scores bring out the spirit to excel in English Grammar that other mediums of learning struggle to achieve.



Affordable All-in-One

An affordable all-in-one eLearning and mLearning solution for young minds of all ages.


100 Preschool video lessons to engage young children into online learning.

American / British

Video lessons are available in American English and British English.


On-the-go and on-demand availability of online lessons 24/7, anytime, anywhere! 


Five levels of 250 essential English Grammar in British English and American English respectively i.e. a total of 500 video lessons with graphic animation and professional voice-overs accompanied by engaging quizzes.

Quizzes & Games

5000+ quizzes and games to make learning motivating and engaging.


MONITOR your child’s activities and progress!

Be an integral part of your child’s day-to-day learning. Monitor their activities and learning progress. Encourage and motivate your child as they strive forth with every lesson. Witness and celebrate together with your child as he/she levels up.

MyEnglishTutor™ APP

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